2014 CGST International Guitar Competition

2014 CGST Guitar Competition Registration Form The CGST is pleased to announce our first ever guitar competition! We hope this event will be a fun and enjoyable experience, with respect given to all participants and members of the audience. In addition to a cash prize ($100) for the Grand Prize Winner, 8 competition winners will receive the opportunity to perform in 4 special concerts in the spring of 2015. The competition will take place on Saturday, December 6, 2014 at the Downtown Leon County Public Library (Meeting Room A) starting at 10 am to no later than 5 pm.

Division I: Age 10 – 17. Performance time: 5 minutes. Limited to first 10 entries received.

Division II: Age 18 and above. Performance time: 10 minutes. Limited to first 25 entries received.

Grand Prize: $100 plus opportunity to perform in ½ of a special concert in the Spring of 2015. 2nd – 8th place: The opportunity to perform in ½ of a special concert in the Spring of 2015.

Judges: David Hoge, and Tim Atkinson.

Competition Registration. The non-refundable competition entry fee is $25. Application forms should be mailed with the entry fee to: CGST, 2060 Delta Way, Tallahassee, Florida 32303. Make checks payable to CGST.

Competition Rules: Once all competition registrations are received, a schedule will be made and distributed via email to all competitors with their approximate competition performance time. All competitors must bring to the competition a typewritten list of the music to be presented (titles, composers, and birth and death (if deceased) dates of composers, if known). There will be only one performance round, so each competitor will only play once. Competitors will be evaluated on their technique, musicianship, and overall presentation. Free-choice program for all divisions – no required or set pieces. All music must be played on a classical guitar with nylon strings; no electronic amplification is permitted. Choice of music is entirely at the discretion of the competitor. It is expected that every competitor’s choice of music fits within the time allowed. If a competitor exceeds the given time allotted, that competitor will be asked to stop but at no penalty to his/her evaluation. Judges’ comments and scores will not be made available to competitors. Competitors are encouraged to inquire for comments from the judges directly only after the competition has ended. Any competition entries received above the number set forth above for Division I or Division II will be returned. The CGST and the judges reserve the right to award any or no prizes. All judges’ decisions are final. Any appeal of the judges’ decisions and failure to follow these rules is grounds for disqualification.

Contact: Tim Atkinson, CGST Competition Director,  tatkinson (at) ohfc.com or (850) 521-0700