Previous Concerts

Previous Concerts in Tallahassee


Duo 220 – March 24 and 25

Łukasz Kuropaczewski – February 20 and 21

Xavier Jara – January 17th and 18th


Florida Guitar Festival – October 6-8
Featuring: Adam Holzman, Stephen Robinson, Andrew Zohn, Akerman-Teixeira Guitar Duo and 2016 Winner Jesus Serrano

Judicaël Perroy – March 7th and 8th

Pablo Sainz Villegas – February 22nd and 23rd presented by Opening Nights

Thibaut Garcia – January 29th and 30th


Florida Guitar Festival – September 23-25
Featuring Ricardo Cobo, Julian Gray, Silviu Ciulei, and Andrew Zohn

Alvaro Pierri – April 7th and 8th

Ekachai Jearakul – February 13th and 14th

Rene Izquierdo – January 22nd and 23rd


Jorge Caballero – November 6th and 7th

Adam Larison – September 6th Presented by Seven Hills

Amadeus Guitar Duo – February 27th and 28th

Anton Baranov – February 16th and 17th


Pavel Steidl – October 26th and 27th

Petrit Ceku – April 11th and 12th Presented by Seven Hills

Zohn-Sharpe Duo – February 14th and 15th Presented by Seven Hill