Previous Concerts

Previous Concerts in Tallahassee


6th Florida Guitar Festival – October 21-23

Featuring: Alec Holcomb, Isaac Bustos, Silviu Ciulei, Adam Holzman, Stephen Robinson, Ciyadh Wells, and the McCallie School Guitar Ensembles

Jay Katcherski – March 5th and 6th

Fowler/Morfchak Duo – January 31st

Johan Smith – January 20th and 21st


5th Florida Guitar Festival – October 15-17

Featuring: Celil Refik Kaya, Grisha Goryachev, Kossler Duo, 2019 Winner Phil Goldenberg, Douglas Anderson High School, Rafael Padron, and Luther Enloe.


Newman-Oltman Duo – February 2 and 2


TY Zhang – March 28 and 29

David Russell – February 26 – March 1

Amadeus Duo – January 19 and 20

4th Florida Guitar Festival – October 11-13

Featuring: Rene Izquierdo, The Kithara Duo, Elliot Frank, 2018 Winner Dragos Ilie, Leon High School, Stephen Robinson, Andrew Zohn, and Ben Lougheed.


3rd Florida Guitar Festival – October 5-7

Featuring: William Kanengiser, Rafael Padron, Daniel Bolshoy, 2017 Winner Samuel Hines, Freedom High School, the Florida Guitar Festival Guitar Orchestra led by Dr. Michael McCallie, Nicholas Ciraldo, Federico Musgrove, and Andrew Zohn.

Duo 220 – March 24 and 25

Łukasz Kuropaczewski – February 20 and 21

Xavier Jara – January 17th and 18th


2nd Florida Guitar Festival – October 6-8

Featuring: Adam Holzman, Stephen Robinson, Andrew Zohn, Akerman-Teixeira Guitar Duo and 2016 Winner Jesus Serrano

Judicaël Perroy – March 7th and 8th

Pablo Sainz Villegas – February 22nd and 23rd presented by Opening Nights

Thibaut Garcia – January 29th and 30th


1st Florida Guitar Festival – September 23-25

Featuring Ricardo Cobo, Julian Gray, Silviu Ciulei, and Andrew Zohn

Alvaro Pierri – April 7th and 8th

Ekachai Jearakul – February 13th and 14th

Rene Izquierdo – January 22nd and 23rd


Jorge Caballero – November 6th and 7th

Adam Larison – September 6th Presented by Seven Hills

Amadeus Guitar Duo – February 27th and 28th

Anton Baranov – February 16th and 17th


Pavel Steidl – October 26th and 27th

Petrit Ceku – April 11th and 12th Presented by Seven Hills

Zohn-Sharpe Duo – February 14th and 15th Presented by Seven Hill